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Idea: honesty, quality, service(Based in Taiwan and market the whole world)

Founded in 1949, Health-Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. followed the process of Taiwan economy booming, and we were not afraid of difficulty. We always introduce latest, best products and technique, demand ourselves strictly, and pursue perfect quality. We will keep working hard on this land.

In the aspect of quality control, Health-Tech has five principles: working-hard, patience, confidence, love, and concern. We insist that medicine production is a conscience business, and only the excellent process of quality control can make the best product. In order to match the standard of GMP, Health-Tech has spent plenty of time and money to complete factories and machines. The reason we are doing all these is to find a way which belongs to us in the trend of opening market in the future.

In sixty years, Health-Tech always has faith of “honesty,” and that’s why we can earn such a good reputation in the market. We started our business from scratch, and the turnover improved from thousands of NT dollars to hundreds of millions of NT dollars. In the animal medication market of Taiwan, we keep breaking through and thus earn our reputation. In the future, Health-Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. expects to improve the health environment of poultry and animal in Taiwan, and create the new era of animal medication in Taiwan.

In sixty years, Health-Tech is grateful to every one’s support, and our clients always have confidence and faith in us. We will work harder, keep striving, and remember our goal: “based in Taiwan, march towards the world.” Health-Tech Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the counterparts abroad will serve animal husbandry with the same goal.

Achievement comes from hard-working
Health-Tech has been working hard in sixty years